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YouTube vs TikTok is getting crazy.



You all must be aware about the trending social media cold war between two communities namely YouTube and TikTok. Now this War is getting crazy as people are showing their support more to the YouTube. This cold war get even more wild after the renowned YouTuber named Carry Minati published a video on his channel roasting the TikTokers but now people on social media are showing much support after Carry’s video was deleted by the YouTube.

What exactly happened?

Few days ago a TikToker named Amir Siddique posted an IGTV video on Instagram talking about some YouTubers in that particular video he mentioned few things that were not liked by folks so he deleted that video from there but recently Carry Minati posted a video on his youtube channel named YouTube vs TikTok- The end. Within a span of a couple of hours that video broke all the records of youtube and became the highest liked and viewed video on YouTube. But a couple of days ago the video got deleted from YouTube. All the fans were astonished after this. Though Amir Siddique posted a reply video for the same where he apologizes & mentioned about the cyber bullying and initiated a hashtag named #amiragainstcuberbullying.

Consequences now!

Now next to show the support to YouTube community some more YouTubers posted some content that shows the support to their community namely a short video by Technical Guruji which went viral very shortly. On the same hand memrs are also showing their support to Carry Minati. People have also started a hashtag named #justiceforcarry which is trending on twitter and Instagram. People are even demanding for the ban of the TikTok from the nation as few people create a kind of content which is not appreciated by numerous.

Now today this cold war took a next level when a call recording was released which was of Amir Siddique talking about the next video to be posted soon regarding YouTubers. But still it seems that it’s purely a game of 70-30. We just hope for the best consequences in the future.

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