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Youngest Cartoonist in the World – AVITAL SHTAPURA



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Introduction of Youngest Cartoonist in the World

Avital Shtapura is the youngest cartoonist and illustrator in the world, he started his journey at the age of 7. He is an award-winning 2D/3D animator, voice actor, illustrator, and a published rapper/songwriter! Avital was born in Israel, he moved to New York City, as a toddler.  He started going to fine art classes from his elementary school, which is just amazing, also started learning illustration, cartooning, acting, music from the age of 6! Avital was good at almost everything related to Art. He learned animation by himself at home on Windows XP and Paint, used Windows Movie-Maker to make cartoons and when he turned 12 he started making 3D animation by Film Maker. He is such an amazing inspiration for youth nowadays, who are dependent! Avital learned everything by himself sitting on the computer from animation to professional cartoons.


He studies fine art under Russian artist Mr. Arkadi, attended acting courses at H&B Studio and took a total of 7 pre-college courses (life drawing, illustration, cartooning, 2D & 3D animation) at the legendary school of Visual Arts. In 2017, Avital was honored with the Chairman’s Merit award at the school of Visual Arts for 3D Animation.

Work and Success

Youngest Cartoonist in the World – AVITAL SHTAPURA started his first YouTube channel in 2006, at just the age of 7! Kids Nowadays, just know to play video games or watch movies at this age, Avital is a great role model and inspiration for kids & teenagers in today’s generation.

Finding a perfect job is very tough so was for Avital! He was worried about his future, he wanted an internship, he wanted to work and want to gain experience. One night he strangely applied at to get a job or work, he started applying multiple times as he got pissed. Still after everything he was patient and the outcome for his hard work and patience was that one day he got a call from VaynerMedia, they were impressed by his work & website, as a result, he got hired as a full-time animator in Gary Vaynerchuk’s legendary “TeamGaryvee“. Currently, he is making comics and cartoons for GaryVee for full-time, for 10 months now! 

Cartoon made by Avital for @garyvee

Avital’s own YouTube channel has 28,000+ subscribers, he has an active presence on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and more. 

His dreams are big, Youngest Cartoonist in the World Avital is very hardworking and patient! He wants to make cartoons for big studios like Nickelodeon, Netflix Animation, etc. We hope he achieves everything he wants and touches all the heights of success; we wish you luck for your future!

Keep grinding and working hard Avital.

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