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Top 5 Movies To Watch On A Sleepover With Your Girlfriends




Well, we al love chick flick movies and some of the best ones are from 90s, we all know this has been a super tough year for all of us as we are not able to meet our friends or go over at each others house.

But here we will give you our top 5 Chick Flick movies that you can watch with your girl friends the next time you have a sleepover.

  1. Mean Girls: well, of course, this has to be at the top of our list, Mean Girls is one of the best movies to watch with your girlfriends on a sleepover, we absolutely love this movie and it is one the best classic’s ever.
  2. Legally Blond: okay the next iconic movie on our list is Legally Blond, do we really need to say things about this movie, Elle Woods won millions of hearts with her amazing role, rumor has it that Legally Blond 3 is already is works let us see how that goes.
  3. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: If you have not yet seen this movie then it is a sincere request for you to watch even if it means you will have to do so alone, another movie that was widely famous in the 90s but you can always revisit it on Netflix.
  4. Bride Wars: Hello Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway starring Bride Wars is one of the best movies to watch on a sleepover with your friends, we have seen it a million times but it only gets better.
  5. Clueless: Ugh As If! we know each one of us has an inner Cher, don’t you love the iconic character that this movie pulls off? if you haven’t seen it yet go ahead and watch it right now.

Hope you like our top 5 chick flick movies for your next sleepover, do let us know if you miss your bestfriend too!

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