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Top 5 best NETFLIX original horror series of 2020!



horror series of Netflix

Horror the most beloved genre by a substantial population in the realm. it gives you chills. If you are an avid reader and have an interest in black magic and paranormal fantasies. NETFLIX has something to offer you. The most interesting fact about horror shows. They give you an even wider scope to think beyond human existence and leave you startled. But some of the renowned and most-watched NETFLIX series are worth watching. Here you go with the Top 5 best NETFLIX original horror series of 2020! :



This was a recent release from Netflix, a Dutch series. Its about a secret society that does not play out the way you’re envisioning. Yes, it starts with a naïve girl being inducted into a spooky ancient order. But what comes next is not the traditional path for this sort of set-up.

Rather, it becomes the order itself who is hunted, as a rash of suicides cause. The eldest members to grow concerned about what exactly is going on. What it has to do with what they have locked in their basement.


the haunting of hills

The Haunting of Hill House isn’t just my favorite Netflix original horror series. it’s one of my favorite series on Netflix period. I’ve always described the show to those who ask about it. As a family drama first and a horror series second. Unlike the rest of the shows on this list. It’s more about human connection and drama than jump scares (though it has plenty of those too).

The central family is extremely compelling . I have seen this series three times over already, and cannot get enough of it. It’s spooky, enthralling, and heart-breaking. Excited to know that a second season is coming from the same team, albeit focused on a new family and house this time around. Do not miss this because of which it is marked under top 5 best netflix horror series of 2020.


dead set

With a lean five-episode run, Charlie Brooker‘s E4 mini-series feels a bit more like a fleshed-out zombie film. But Dead Set finds a perfect balance between the two mediums. With a runtime that neither feels rushed nor overstays its welcome. Before Brooker earned international acclaim for Black Mirror. (and before The Walking Dead singlehandedly dominated the zombie genre). He proved his knack for killer concepts with Dead Set. A zombie apocalypse drama set on eviction night at the Big Brother house.

That unique vantage point allows Brooker to bring a refreshing spin on the zombie apocalypse. Unlike George Romero‘s concept-heavy approach to constantly reinventing the genre. While Brooker’s thematic sensibilities are firmly rooted in character-driven action of classic zombie cinema. He and director Yann Demange (‘71) gleefully exploit the Big Brother angle for every clever set-piece it’s worth. Led by excellent performances from Jamie Winstone and early-career Riz Ahmed. Featuring one of the most villainous moments of on-screen cowardice I’ve ever seen. Dead Set is a proper old-school zombie flick by way of mini-series with a touch of Brooker’s knack for distinctly modern terrors.



The French-language series Marianne came out of nowhere at the end of 2019. To absolutely scare the pants off of anyone who stumbled upon it. Victoire Du Bois stars as Emma, a famed horror writer who based her stories on a horrifying figure. Marrianne who tormented her in her childhood dreams. When Marianne starts appearing to her again. Emma returns to her hometown, and the lines between reality and fiction start to blur in truly terrifying ways. because of which it is marked under top 5 best netflix horror series of 2020.

Marianne uses a lot of familiar tracks from the paranormal horror playbook. Distended mouths and leering figures are a big factor — but they’re so well executed they tap right into that visceral reaction that made them so popular in the first place.

Marianne can be brutal, it can be beautiful, and it laces in plenty of high-stakes character drama amidst the haunts, but most importantly, it is legit scary and unsettling as heck, making witches scarier than they have been since Anjelica Huston peeled off her face.


ash vs evil dead

ou asked for more Ash, baby, and boy did you get it! Created by Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi, and Tom Spezialy, the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead picks up with Bruce Campbell‘s chainsaw-wielding king of groovy, Ash Williams, 30 years after the events of the original films. To no one’s surprise, he’s every bit the self-obsessed deadbeat. With a gift for the ladies (and attracting the undead) that he was the last time we saw him.

After he accidentally conjures some malevolent spirits (again), Ash is pitted against the forces of evil with two new pals at his side (Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago) and an intrepid investigator on his tail (Lucy Lawless). Ash vs. Evil Dead walks a fantastic line between the distinct tone of the films and the demands of the serialized format. Honoring Raimi’s singular stylings without becoming beholden to them and opening up the world with inventive, disturbing, and always blood-soaked of the Evil Dead.

Thus, these were the Top 5 best NETFLIX original horror series of 2020 you can’t miss. If you are a huge fan of horror series then grab your pop-corns and watch it today.

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