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Top 4 tips for healthy and glowing skin in winters.



Avoid over-exfoliate

Skin exfoliation is done to alleviate dead skin cells. You’ve to be more cautious in winters because the skin is already conceded due to dry and harsh weather. You should exfoliate your skin only formerly in a week to help in improving skin renewal and adequate product absorption.

Stay hydrated

We are habitual of drinking insufficient water in the winter because we usually prefer some hot drinks like coffee or tea but don’t skip the fact that your skin needs hydration from the inside, out. Moderate warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

After hot shower apply moisturizer

People usually take hot showers in winters but taking hot showers and not moisturizing after can lead to cracks and uneven skin texture. If the skin is not instantly moisturized, the cracks in the skin will lead the nerves to get uncovered to air, occurring eczema or winter’s irritation. Always apply moisturizer shortly after a hot shower.

For face wash use lukewarm water.

Hot showers in winters may loosen your muscles, but nothing can worse for your skin ailment than hot water. It generates your skin to be dry. The impacts are straight more unfavorable if you have sensitive skin. We cannot shift to a cold water bath, but we can precisely protect our facial skin by rinsing it with lukewarm water. This way you wouldn’t feel harsh and also wouldn’t let raw oils slough off handily from your face.

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