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The Messy Break-up of Demi Lovato And Max Ehrich




Demi and Max met almost 6 months ago their romance bloomed, shortly after they were seen walking hand and hand, within 4 months the couple got engaged, many fans believed the decision was rushed the couple felt absolutely in love and happy.

But, September hit, and things took a bad turn in their lives, on September 12 fans bought back Max’s old tweets claiming his lust for other actresses/ singers.

Demi issued a story and made things clear for her fans, she claimed that most of the tweets were in fact fake, people close to Demi have expressed concerns as she is head over heels for Max and they don’s want to see her heartbroken.

Fast forward to September 24, a source close to Demi revealed that Max and Demi have decided to call it off and are moving on their separate paths focusing on their career.

Many fans believe that Max proposed only to get fame and attention and to make most out of this for his career, Max has been very shady since the beginning, as of now Demi has removed all pictures with Max and Max has been off Instagram since September 27, 2020.

We hope Demi gets in a better place and can heal from this traumatic event.

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