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Swarnika Bapna: Rising Social Media Influencer




Meet Ms. Swarnika Bapna, a forthcoming online media influencer and the fellow benefactor of White Rock Media. This 21 years of age adolescent has re-characterizing accomplishment with her intense advanced affecting aptitudes and engaging substance gathering. Ms. Bapna is developing out of control for her devotion and sheer responsibility towards her work is a declaration to. As of late she has increased over 15k supporters on Instagram herself.

Hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, she generally needed to stand apart from the group and that is the reason she chose to accomplish something of her own. Since school days she has been profoundly given to investigating the online media patterns and the developing computerized market. Following the viral experiences and reach of her developing achievement, numerous prestigious brands and associations have been in line to tie up with her to run limited time crusades and coordinating substance on various stages. SHE HAS DEVOTED ALL HER TIME TO WHITE ROCK MEDIA AND HAS GAINED OVER 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS BASE ON INSTAGRAM. When gotten some information about the mystery behind her prosperity at such a youthful age, she declared, “It is anything but an account of for the time being achievement, I and my cooperation continually consistently to serve individuals with the most ideal substance.” Moreover, she included that the credit for a significant aspect of her prosperity goes to the SUPPORTERS who consistently treasure and spur her to work more enthusiastically to make the best substance of the continuous patterns!

Ms. Bapna is right now anticipating developing and fortifying her profession, provide it an entirely different guidance in the Indian computerized market. Her vision is to climb new tops with a similar vision of spreading satisfaction and worth diversion to the majority.

Ms. Bapna is an ideal case of individuals who think ambitiously and afterward work for the fantasy to make it a reality. A pioneer who has no preoccupation in her vision and enthusiasm, and with her idealistic mentality, Ms. Bapna has demonstrated that any thought can close in products of accomplishment when you have confidence in them. We want her to enjoy all that life has to offer for her future undertakings.

I'm the man who started my career as a Memer has given myself tremendous exposure in the field of social media and public relations. The digital expert has funded many startups and has built a strong presence on the digital domain.

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