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Successful YouTuber from Hathras city- Manoj Varshney.



Successful YouTuber from Hathras city - Manoj Varshney

A motivational story of the Successful YouTuber from Hathras city, Uttarpradesh.

If you think there is a scarcity of resources or a lack of assistance in a veil of your success then you must know Manoj Varshney once to forget this excuse forever.

Manoj Varshney is a content creator on YouTube. He makes videos on FACTS, Entertainment, Education and has attained great fame doing so. Manoj Varshney now has over 2 Million subscribers on YouTube but the journey was not easy.

Successful YouTuber from Hathras city village Ehan, Uttarpradesh You may not have heard the name of this place before. But a 21-year-old boy from this village has done such a feat in the world of the internet, As far as people living in cities only think.

Thinking out of the conventional concept Manoj Varshney created a channel on YouTube in April 2018 and made a record in the world of the Internet by completing more than 2 million Subscribers within 1 year. Manoj usually uploads videos related to FACTS, Entertainment and Education on his channel. He has also been rewarded with the Golden Play button for his extraordinary chore on YouTube.

Manoj Varshney did his early education from his village and later received a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from MG Polytechnic in Hathras city. But Manoj chose a different niche for his career and ventured into the world of the Internet. After this, he accomplished huge success within 1 year on the strength of his hard work. Now today Manoj is an icon for those who think that nothing can be done in a village. Manoj is from such a small village where there were neither resources nor Internet access.

Manoj Varshney, a successful young lad says, “whatever you want to do, start today with hard work. If you are honest with your work, then One day you will definitely succeed”

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