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Soon getting Indian Passport discloses Akshay Kumar



A row had flared before this year over the citizenship status of Akshay Kumar. The actor had contended several times in the past that he had been granted the ‘honorary’ citizenship of Canada, which implied that he was regardless of an Indian citizen.

Nonetheless, in April, blew this story apart by disclosing that Akshay Kumar’s name does not sketch in the list of honorary residents of Canada published on the authorized website of Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The very next day, Akshay Kumar acknowledging on Twitter that he was necessarily a Canadian and that he does not clench Indian citizenship.

Today, the actor talked to some extent about the discussion at the 17th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi, referring to his poor box-office run some years back for taking on Canadian citizenship.

“There was a time when 14 or 15 films of mine had flopped,” Akshay Kumar told the invited audience. “I started thinking I might have to do something else. One of my closest friends lives in Canada. He notified me to stride there and do business with him.”

That was when he set in motion the technique of receiving a Canadian passport, Akshay Kumar said. “I felt that maybe my career is over and I won’t get work here. So I got my passport made,” he said. As luck would have it, however, his next release was a hit and “I didn’t look back”.

The actor then declared that he is set to evolve a resident of India all over again. “I have applied for Indian,passport ” he said. “It hurts me when people keep bringing this up. To prove that I am an Indian I will have to show a copy which is the passport. It hurts me. But now I won’t give that chance [to my detractors]. I have applied for it and will be getting my passport.”

Akshay Kumar also pinpointed that he had never pushed any of his family members to opt for Canadian citizenship. “If I really wanted to go there, I could have made my wife also a Canadian citizen,” he argued. “My wife is very much Indian. My son and everybody else in my family is Indians.”

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