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Small City Boy to an Inspiration – Aryan Shukla



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Small City Boy to an Inspiration

To procure the true essence of Music Distribution & marketing at such a young age. Becoming Small City Boy to an Inspiration and Youngest Musician & Entrepreneur from Gorakhpur, India Aryan Shukla has created a good Reputation around the Music Distribution Market. Let’s have some Look Around his Journey-

Aryan Shukla Launched his Music Label Clash Night Tv for Emerging Artists in 2018 but was unsuccessful in Raising the Label. Soon He Launched his Music Distribution & Marketing Company; The Media Segment which empowered Clash Night Tv and Started to raise them in the Indian Music Market.

He being himself as an Artist Launched his first Song Along with Shivansh Beast in 2018. Starting his Music Band soon with his other 4 Partners and Launching more Songs Further.

Addressing his upcoming Bollywood Projects then there is a good communique for all his fans. In the year 2020, he is going to make a debut in his first-ever Bollywood Music project along. With his Band ‘Clash Night Tv’, it’s a good start along with a new opportunity. He will Launch his First ever Web Series named ‘The Raman Effect’ with his own Production. The Web Series will be Launching on his Channel Clash Night Tv.

He has around more than 10k Followers on Instagram with his Youtube as an Official Artist Channel. Let’s lookout towards his Positive & Bright Future.

His Instagram Handle is @beingaryanshukla and Youtube Channel is Clash Night Tv

also, The versatile Punjabi singer

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