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Sick of Staying at Home? Here’s How Photographer Akash Kapoor giving directions to stay motivated in the Pandemic.





While the planet seeks a solution to the pandemic problem, I would suggest we use this opportunity to participate in an innovative photographic exercise? This might be just the spherical ray of light (corona) we photographers need in the midst of a dark and scary time. Fortunately, photography is a very personal process. We all use digital devices to capture interesting subjects and express emotions, but none of those devices are multi-person in function. So why not step up your personal photography and share your projects more openly online with a Corona photography workflow.

Join Local Facebook & Whatsapp Photography Groups.

Start sharing more openly and ask for genuine feedbacks, Always mentioned three things when you share any image – the things you like,unlike in that image and what you want know as a feedback with the story behind the image.

The good digital viral process

Social community should be a goal that is openly promoted and encouraged by local photo clubs sponsoring “socially distanced” group activities and photo opportunities. Photo challenges can be organized online through a number of social media. During a time of world crisis like we are currently facing, the nervous human psyche can either suffer fear-overload or be creatively redirected.

Maintain Distance

Digital cameras offer the ability to capture images from a distance and thus maintain and observe the six-foot protection rule.

Work more on your Post processing skills.

As many of you are doing Work from home, this is the best time to start working on your post processing skills. Process and edit as much photos without harming your eyes.

Akash Kapoor is one of the India’s leading travel and wildlife Photographer with an expertise in teaching photography all over the world through his online trainings and practical workshops. He is also an engineer and lifelong adventure explorer. Through his work, he teaches about digital post-processing and nature photography. Akash shares field techniques about nature photography, post-processing, and wildlife photo stories on his website & social networks.Find him over at

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