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Shows You Must Watch If You Like Money Heist




After being hooked on the famous show La Casa da Papel or Money Heist on Netflix you may get excited to watch more shows similar to it. For people who got sad by the fact that it’s the last episode, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a list to give you the equivalent adrenaline rush. Here’s the list of shows you must watch if you like money heist.

1. Peaky Blinders

With all the Suspense, drama, and crime, this show Peaky Binders is a fantastic series to binge on. The show has got a marvelous storyline to keep its viewers stuck to it. It’s one of the extraordinary masterpieces of British Period Films. Peaky Blinders is all about a notorious gang who is active in thievery, gambling, and violence. Thomas Shelby, who’s the hero of the war, leads the gang. Show also depicts the power of a woman with its strong female characters.

2. Breaking Bad

Breaking bad is an American crime series. The series revolves around the main character Walter White. The personality of White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. Despite being underemployed and fighting with stage-three lung cancer, he is a pessimistic high school chemistry teacher. The show keeps you captive by the fact that how a man transforms from a mild family man to a major kingpin of the drug trade.

3. Ozark

Another crime drama television series which is pretty similar to Breaking Bad is Ozark. Marty Byrde is the main character of the series. He’s an accountant who handles the books of a Mexican drug dealer. His wife Wendy supports him. The show is about a strong-willed family that faces together all the increasing obstacles. The family follows a money-laundering scheme and relocate themselves to the Ozark.

4. Prison Break

One of the all-rounder series which includes thrill, action, drama, and style. The show is identical to money heist as the bond between The Professor and Inspector Raquel Murillo in money heist is as similar as The Inspector Mahone and Michael Scofield in Prison Break. The show revolves around the struggle of a brother who wants to get his innocent sibling out of the prison and for that he plans a mission to get into the same prison.

5. The Americans

The Americans is a thriller series of spies
based on two Russian spies posing as Americans in Washington, D.C. The series represents the time during the Cold War. The spies are not ordinary, they are a married couple whose children are unaware of their work. The target of the spies in the American government. The show keeps you excited about the activities of kidnapping, assassinations, and later the ease of being back normal with the family.

6. Fargo

The series that has a mixture of drama, comedy, and crime is rare to find but Fargo has got all of it. It’s a black comedy series with thrilling crime and dramatic scenes for the viewers. This type of series is not for everyone but it’s one of the prominent shows you must watch if you like money heist. The show depicts a different murder story in each season. It keeps the audience intriguing and suspenseful.

7. Locked up

Like Money heist, Locked Up or ‘Vis a Vis’ is also a Spanish show. The series focuses on a girl whose lover frames her into a troublesome situation. She gets manipulated by her boyfriend to take the blame for corporate fraud. The girl ends up in a high-security prison for women. The prison is equipped with strong and cruel criminals.

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