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Sebeings – Supporting people to Re-establish after Pandemic (As its Tagline says – “Blissfully Serving Every Being”)





During the pandemic, Sebeings has tried to create various Synergies between its resources & helped People Physically / Financially while providing them Food, Shelter & Trainings to Re-establish themselves.
We treat all people with respect and dignity. We serve and assist every human being in their valued persistence for growth in all of life’s aspects, thereby making them feel blissful and happy.

Message from Mr. Aditya Bhardwaj, Director – Sebeings Facility Management Private Ltd.

  • As we all know, we have been through very tough times of our lives & we have witnessed a very drastic downturn in economy due to major drop of business activates in all Industries.
  • This is once-in-a-century kind of situation & what we all need to do is Join hands & work together for uplifting the weaker section & Nation building.
  • Security, Housekeepers, labor all people plays a vital role in maintaining facilities of any public or private premises, we all need to pay respect, Co-operate and support them in every possible way.

Message from Mr. Akash Bhardwaj, Director – Sebeings Facility Management Private Ltd.

  • Administration / Authorities have significantly improved Labor laws by various amendments formulated in Labor Laws for the betterment of people working in such niche, Labor Laws are made highly transparent & employees can track their statuary compliances like ESIC, EPF etc. directly on related web portals.
  • I appreciate continuous improvements which gives transparency to employee and helps principal employer to generate trust between stakeholders, Sebeings ensure that all Labor Laws & statuary compliances are strictly adhered thus benefiting all associated parties.

Sebeings Facility Management Private limited (A unit of Synerzi Group)

Sebeings is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified leading facility management company having Pan India existence. We serve for all Service & Facility Management needs of your business.
Our STRENGTH is in our dedicated and experienced staff. We have a huge number of people who are experts in their niches. They are cooperative and have a good understanding of their services.

Sebeings delivers Top-notch services majorly in the areas of Security, Housekeeping & Manpower services, with a consistent track record of customer satisfaction.

• Sebeings specializes in providing armed and unarmed security services to the corporate and public sectors as well as to individuals and the hospitality and healthcare industries. We have the credentials to appoint well trained and active security personals to protect your assets and your family. With our security services, you can keep your premises safe and sound… our comprehensive range of security services include background verification, full and part time guard services, mobile monitoring, transport security, event security, executive protection and value added services such as: national command centre, audit/ assessments, quick response teams and risk management. We assist in quickly appointing PSOs, bouncers and security guards. We also provide high end security equipment like Walky-Talky, DFMD etc…

• Talking about the Housekeeping Services, Sebeings ensures that your premises are clean, organized and safe. Currently in the market, equipment’s of new technology and with enhancements are available for cleaning purpose. Sebeings makes use of such latest technology equipment’s which utilizes less amount of electricity to clean the entire premises with proper safety and hygienic standards.

Why choose Sebeings as your partner in Security and Facility Management Services?

  1. We have a Pan India Presence – ‘We Are Where You Are’.
  2. 24/7 Support Centre (01244361182) and Control Room.
  3. QRT (Quick Reaction Team) to support during any emergencies.
  4. Training Sessions by Expert Trainers Twice a Month on Every Site.
  5. Best Statutory Compliant, PSARA registered, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.
  6. Close Customer Connect through daily monitoring by our executives, tracked by GPS.
  7. Regular Reporting Via Virtual Medial & personal Visits.
  8. Cost-Effective Solutions within the desired budget by providing satisfactory client-centric requirements.
  9. Proper Compliances and Audit Clearance Support.
  10. Committed to Customer Service.

Sebeings understands your requirement and value of time and provides tailor-made solutions accordingly within the framework of Best (Cost , Quality & Timing).

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