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Religion is a customized and tailored system with certain guidelines in order to follow a particular type of procedure to fulfil the journey of individual pursuits. Spirituality on the other hand is more about the individual journey. He himself is the master of his path. Thus, guiding his own way to enlightenment.

Religion involves more rigid rules and regulations to follow. In religion we have seen that there are stratification and hierarchy. Earlier this hierarchy was even more rigid where with the hierarchy other occupations are also attached. This was to an extend that religion remained religion no more. It solely became a power struggle for the clergymen and priest to remain authority and dominate the church.

Spirituality frees an individual from any sort of boundation. This enables the individual to practice their faith and beliefs and see the outcome for themselves. The only motive of the spiritual journey is to get in touch with your inner self. Possible negative outcomes are pretty much near to impossible if practiced for self. However, many cult leaders form the groups use both the concepts to start something destructive in nature.

Abraham Maslow stated that there are stages of human needs. The first stage includes: food and shelter, second stage is about safety needs, third stage is about sense of belonging, fourth stage is about self-esteem and the last stage is about self-actualization. The last stage makes the individual fully potential and the individual opens the door to one’s creative self. This stage is the final stage of happiness and peace.

Spirituality focusses on formless energies and higher vibrations, they derive their power from the universe whereas, religion focuses on the practice of praying the deities and symbols.

Not all religious teachings are bad. Some of the teaching do give deeper insight into the proper conduct, way of living. One can always open Bhagwat Gita and read the teaching of Lord Krishna to get access to the knowledge about life. But today religion is a corrupt institution. It is no more about inner peace and teaching but rather a source of money and exploitation. Thus, one should be aware about choosing one’s approach to self-actualization.

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