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Panipat a movie that brings back the essence of one of the most iconic battle.



Outline in 18th century India, Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Panipat’ commences with a glance into the valor of Sadashivrao Bhau (Arjun Kapoor), commander-in-chief of Maratha troop as he tactfully overthrows the Nizam of Udgir. On returning back to Pune after the success, Nana Saheb Peshwa (Mohnish Bahl) showers him with appreciations. Meanwhile, Peshwa’s wife Gopikabai (Padmini Kolhapure) starts to resent Sadashivrao as she beholds the latter as a threat to her son Vishwarao’s position as the next Peshwa.

The Afghan ruler sets out to conquer the Takht of Hindustan, the Maratha Peshwa chooses Sadashiv to mash Abdali’s huge longings. What follows second is one of the biggest and gruesome battles of the 18th century.

Ashutosh Gowariker’s grand illusion of summarizing a chapter from our History into a cinematic piece is respectable. One of the justifications why ‘Panipat’ keeps you clipped is because of the director’s depiction of the sophisticated politics behind a battle.

Kriti Sanon is the most remarkable among the lot as the naval-clad Parvati Bai. The actress lits up the screen every time she enters a scene.

Sanjay Dutt’s larger-than-life Ahmad Shah Abdali lacks the volatility and flunked to send a chill down the spine.

C.K. Muraleedharan’s cinematography captures the lavish scale of the film. However, the well-crafted war scenes lack a royalty component.

Ajay-Atul fails to build magic with ‘Mard Maratha’ and ‘Mann Mein Shiva’. On the other hand, ‘Sapna Hai Sach Hai’ turns out to be stunning amazement with Shreya Ghosal’s peaceful voice.

Times have changed but the world we prevail in is still fuelled by strength, greed and the lust to have more. Thus, for the appreciable efforts will go with 3 stars for the movie.

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