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Manya Pathak, Rashmi Sachdeva, Sona Sharma honoured with Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Award




All India Congress social organisation Took the initiative to recognise and honour Zee TV actress is Manya Pathak, Rashmi Sachdeva, Sona Sharma for their valuable contribution towards the society during the trying times of this pandemic and Corona. They recognise the efforts of these three actresses to make the society better and valued their time and effort Put in constructively changing the society for better. This function was organised by Dr Mohammad Riaz, National president of all India Congress social organisation. Esteemed guests were Milkha Dadi, listed in times hundred most influential woman and who was one of the most instrumental and powerful support in Shaheen Bagh. Also joined were Dr Farooq. The award function also was held in the honour of Mahatma Gandhi‘s 151th Birth Anniversary and honoured his memories and practises that made a prominent path to the future and development of society

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