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Lockdown extended till 31st May in India.



Amid coronavirus the lockdown has been extended till 31st May in the whole nation. As the number of cases were increasing at a rapid pace so it was mandatory to extendthe lockdown considering the safety of the people.

The NDMA issued the order under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 extending the lockdown for another 14 days. Once this fourth edition of lockdown is completed on May 31, the country would see 53 days of restrictions at a stretch since March 25 when it was first imposed for 21 days till April 14. The lockdown was then extended till May 3 and the further to May 17.

NDMA in exercise of powers of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 “directs the ministries/departments of the Centre and states to continue the lockdown measures up to May 31”, the NDMA order said.

During their interaction with Modi on Monday, several chief ministers favoured extending the lockdown while a number of others pitched for allowing economic activities to resume to provide relief to millions of poor hit by the stringent measure.

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