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Jai Mummy Di failed to impress audience.



The outrageous rom-com expends the maximum of its time striving to consummate its prominent fantasy.

It focuses on Puneet (Sunny Singh), who wants to marry his girlfriend Saanjh (Sonnalli Seygall). Their mothers, played by veterans Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon, are at war, for a matter that’s only resolved in the end. This is painful, for the film barely makes us care about the characters or their conflict. It also doesn’t help that Dariyaganj, the film’s only romantic track, is a plaudit to the Delhi Police. I’m no fatalist, but perhaps some love stories are doomed from the start.

Barring a few, not many among present-day filmmakers can hold a candle to the legends whose commitment to romcoms or just plain enjoyable comedies was exemplary. It’s, therefore, heartbreaking to see the genre gutted by clunkers that don’t quite hit the right mark.

This week’s only Hindi film release, Navjot Gulati’s directorial debut Jai Mummy Di is a story of conflicting dynamics between mothers of protagonists and how it affects them and their two respective families. But the film is less about love and more about two mothers. Failing to give us even a trace of humour, the film looks as though it has been written on the set without any thought as to what to do next!

One settle for a 105-minute mom-com that gets the ultimate seal of failure right from the word go. Between poor acting performances, inadequate script and comedy that simply doesn’t have a punch, many directors would find reason to abandon the form if more such scripts are being planned.

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