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India celebrated it’s pride day with full enthusiasm.



On Sunday morning India showcased its military might, cultural diversity, social and economic progress as it celebrated its 71st Republic Day celebrations.

It was a great treat for those who were present at the Rajpath but for those too were watching globally India when it showcases Anti-satellite weapon – Mission Shakthi developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Army’s battle tank Bhishma, infantry combat vehicles.

While the Indian Air Force (IAF) showed its newly inducted Chinook and Apache helicopters, in addition to tableaux depicting Akash and Astra missiles, the Navy too displayed models of its new ships and helicopters during the 90-minute long parade.

There were twenty tableaux – 16 from States and Union Territories and six from various Ministries/Departments which were depicting the country’s rich cultural heritage and economic progress. Through dance and music, the school children conveyed the age-old message of yoga and spiritual values, while the skies over Rajpath was thundering with the air display by the IAF.

One of the main highlights we’re the marching contingent of DRDO that showcased Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASAT) – Mission Shakti. ASAT (Anti-Satellite) weapons played a critical role in providing the necessary strategic deterrence. Mission Shakti, India’s first Anti-Satellite (ASAT) mission, was a major breakthrough in demonstrating the nation’s Anti-Satellite technology.

Well it was a prestigious moment that people witnessed on Sunday morning wrapping up with the National Anthem. Well it was a great day to remember.

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