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Guru Kohli shares his Relationship Status is it True?



himani singh and guru kohli

Guru Kohli the renowned singer did an Instagram live session with DJ Himani Singh on 22nd May 2020 where he had a spontaneous talk with his fans and her. It was a lively interactive session held by him with his fans where few of his fans ask him some questions related to relationships here how he responded to them. But Guru Kohli shares his Relationship Status is that True?

One fan asked him:-

Have you ever been in a Long Distance Relationship?
Yes I had a Long Distance Relationship of 2 years

What is your Current Relationship Status?
I am Single but Happily committed to my Work.

Thus, When Singer Guru Kohli was inquired about his Current Relationship Status he grinned and gave a reasonable reason is that TRUE or he is Counterfeiting it for his Fan Following? So Is this True or he is
Faking it for his Fan Following? thus, it’s too early to arrive to a conclusion whether Guru Kohli shares his Relationship Status is actually True or not? .Well, the conversation is somewhat predicting the long-distance relationship between both. But still, it’s not yet revealed by any. Hope for the best for him.

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