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Google CEO’s tweet regarding a woman who scored 0 in quantum physics is really inspiring!



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Sarafina Nance is a 26-year-old astrophysicist pursuing her Ph.D. from one of the world’s top institutions, UC Berkeley. She is a researcher of supernovae. Recently, Nance tweeted about an incident that occurred 4 years ago. She got a 0 on her quantum physics exam. She met her professor with regard to the change of her major. But today, She is at one of the top institutions as an astrophysicist.

Sarafina’s tweet opened the gates for others to dig up their awe-inspiring stories.

“4 years ago I got a 0 on a quantum physics exam. I met with my professor fearing I needed to change my major & quit physics. today, I’m in a top tier astrophysics Ph.D. program & published 2 papers. STEM is hard for everyone — grades don’t mean you’re not good enough to do it (sic.),” was what Nance tweeted. Since Thursday there have been 10000+ retweets and an uncountable no. of likes.

However, the retweet which is eye-catching is of the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai. He commended the woman for scoring a 0 and stated her story as an inspiring one.

Nance is also a breast cancer survivalist, so her story is truly a push for others. “You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing,” said a Twitter user who shared her thread. Similar stories of hustle started popping up from all over the social media after her tweet. A director of a research charity based trust also shared his similar story, currently being the director of science at Europe’s largest funder of Biomed science. He advised people in his thread to never let failure define yourself.

Many other tweets after Sarafina’s are surfacing, sharing the inspiring stories that needed a push for unfurling.

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