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Garbage Issue



I have been noticing since past several weekends that as Sundays are official holidays for all the Government employees therefore the workers of municipality are also on a holiday. So the job of lifting the trash from streets and Markets is not done.So the garbage of Sunday and Saturday is not picked up. Hence it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.My house is in ward- 27. Garbage is lifted throughout the week and with punctuality, but on weekends the situation is terrible for us.
Several cleanliness programs such as swachh Bharat have been started by the central government since they came into power but places such as crossroads of Koti Khas Bagh, shutar khana, Abdullah Ganj are witness to huge amount of garbage. If we go to toopkhana we can see a garbage dump has been created there.
This problem does not end with streets. Garbage is a major issue for schools and industries as well. Many schools complain that there is no provision for their garbage to be picked up. Schools have to take the garbage to the outskirts of the city which becomes troublesome for the near by villages.
Some steps should be taken by the residents and the local government to overcome this problem.
My suggestions are:
1-Plastic should be completely banned, proper sewage system should be installed. The polythene the plastic bags block the sewage resulting in an overflow of dirty water on streets.
2- Separate duties scheduled for cleaning and picking up garbage from all the localities of the city. Duties should be assigned for every area and a should worker keep an eye on people and guide them, CCtvs should be installed.
3- There should be e competition organised in every area or ward by municipality and some award should be given to the cleanest street of the month.

In my opinion two dustbins should be distributed in every house of the city for dry garbage and for wet garbage.
There should be programs for importance of cleanliness twice a week in every Street so that people should understand the importance of cleanliness. The penalty for violating the orders should be increased. Plants that make electricity out of garbage should be installed in every City.
Citizens should be made aware of the problems that garbage creates .
Government can arrange for different programs to make the people aware of the problem.
Unless and until the government and citizens work together, this problem will remain unmanageable.

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