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Everyone turning against Sidharth shukla: Bigg Boss 13



The contestants did appoint Sidharth as their captain but now seem to be wishing undone that decision, as they start the day by defying the captain. Asim, Himanshi, Rashami, Arhaan, Shefali Jariwala, Vishal, Madhurima and Bhau deny getting out of bed even after giving multiple wakes up alarms from Bigg Boss. It all starts, as they accuse Sidharth and hold him credible for not getting their tea and being constrained of the extra items.

Evaluating the same, Bigg Boss gives the contestants an opportunity to get their ration back. He asks the contestants to gather jointly in the living area and tells them to nominate two contestants who they feel are accountable for the circumstance.

The captaincy task called ‘BB Junction’ is announced, wherein a train installation is set up in the garden area. Each contestant is allotted a bag with their name that was placed in the baggage locker. On every alarm, the contestants have to hurry to the locker and pick up one bag each of another contestant who they want to save or disqualify. With each alarm, the last contestant to board the train and the last one to come out will get a chance to disqualify the person whose bag he/she is carrying. The last two contestants whose bags are on the bus will end up competing for captaincy.

As expected, the task turns severe with Sidharth and Asim bringing into a fight while fetching bags. The task’s coordinator, Paras agrees to play his own game and turns out to be a game-changer.

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