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Emily In Paris To Stream Or Not?




Emily In Paris is a relatively new show on Netflix and it is totally binge worthy, it starts with a girl moving to Paris to pursue her dreams and rest is just glamour and hardwork.

So, let us get into the review for Emily In Paris.


Emily is a wonderful young girl she comes to Paris to represent her firm, being from a technologically advanced generation marketing is one thing that everyone is familiar with it.

Moving to a new city especially Paris is not as easy as it may sound, she faces a lot of troubles and has a tough time, she meets Mindy in the park and they become good friends, her boss is not quite impressed by her, and the work she means to do.

This is a great show if you want to have a getaway to Paris Emily will take you along on her Instagram and oh can we just talk about how adorable Gabriel is we are totally crushing over him.

Emily takes us on a never-ending adventure, she learns French so she can fit in better, life seems to be coming along for her, the chemistry between her and Gabriel will give you heat burns, so we would definitely recommend this series to all our readers.

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