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Earthquake In Delhi Of 4.6 Magnitude.



Earthquake In Delhi Of 4.6 Magnitude.

As the globe is facing a lot of issues regarding the Pandemic COVID-19. The capital of the nation hit by an earthquake this evening at 9:08 PM (IST). The Earthquake In Delhi was Of 4.6 Magnitude. The whole capital is deeming with the rise in the cases of the coronavirus and here comes another danger in front of them.

The magnitude of Earthquake was above average that it shook the buildings. People got panic and came out of their residence suddenly. They have felt this Earthquake numerous times before but this time the magnitude was really threatening. According to a resident of Delhi he says “it was threatening because it shook the whole area and people got panic at random.”

Delhi, the capital city of India, is bounded by the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plains in the North and East, by Thar desert in the West and by Aravalli hill ranges in the South. It falls under Zone – IV in the country-wide macro earthquake zone (Zone V -high intensity to Zone II – low intensity). Though it may not fall in the most seismically active region of the country, the city can still face disastrous consequences if any earthquake strikes with its epicentre anywhere in the surrounding areas such as Hindukush mountain range or the Himalayas.

Delhi has been jolted by a series of tremors over the last month. A low-intensity earthquake of magnitude 2.2 hit the national capital on May 15, which was the fourth since April 12, according to the National Centre for Seismology. According to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, seismicity around Delhi appears to be associated with a major geological structure known as the Delhi-Hardwar Ridge.

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