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Don’t just admire a superhero, be one- Yash Umesh Barot



Yash Umesh Barot might look like your next door neighbour except is scaling heights that kids his age only aspire to conquer. This 20-year young chap hailing from Mumbai is not only the youngest Assistant Creative Producer at Essel Vision Productions, Zee TV but a budding theatre artist working with Sharman Joshi Productions.

While millennials debate about Marvel vs DC, he believes in not just admiring a fictional character but being a real-life superhero. Mr. Barot was judging an intercollegiate fashion show festival, “Chakrawyuha” at KES College on 21st December 2019, one of the top commerce colleges in Mumbai. KES college was celebrating the 21st Anniversary of its amazing campus festival “Chakrawyuha”. The theme of the festival revolved around superheroes and he realized not all superheroes wear capes. He distributed 51 tulsi saplings to all the participants as a baby step towards a sustainable environment.

Photograph by-Devang Rajgor

His efforts to bring a change in the society is also very well reflected as a social media influencer. Apart from being an influencer for brands like Rio Beverages, Chhichhore Movie marketing ,Raw Pressure, he also influenced the phrase #menempowerment, a taboo in India. Standing tall against the various challenges and criticisms, he carried male rape prosecutions in Highlight. Going through sexual abuse himself, he strongly believes in empowering those who can’t speak up for themselves.

He also mentions that his photographer Mihir Patel have helped him grow as a Influencer with the creative and out of the box ideas for each photographs.

He is currently working on Zee CINE Awards 2020. Although he already has numerous feathers in his cap like an international music cover for Ariana Grande’s song cover , “Thank u next” he modestly says that there are miles to go before we sleep.

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