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Delhi’s entrepreneur Shiva Suri’s grand wedding, Karan Aujla spotted.



Shiva Suri is one of the renowned and successful entrepreneurs from Delhi, India. Recently Shiva blessed with the love of his life as he got married. Being a successful entrepreneur many of the celebrities attended the royal wedding of shiva.

Shiva is known best for his entrepreneurial skills and he is making a great out of it. As he got married recently, his wedding was nonetheless”The Dream Come True” wedding because of the royal attire and blissful aroma.

To make his wedding more delightful many renowned celebrities and like Karan Aujla attended his marriage ceremony. Not only this but also Sidhu Moosewala the sensational singer visited his house to congratulate him.

Also by sources, other Punjabi singers like Sandeep Brar and Shivjot attended the ceremony to bless the lovely couple. The royal wedding was all set with Luxury cars like Bentley, Range Rover, Mercedes which were decorated. Thus, the wedding was as grand and royal as his work. We wish the lovely couple a happy and healthy life ahead.

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