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Deepak pathak- A noteworthy spellbind leading entrepreneur and CEO of a supreme Interior designing company.



In today’s physically growing Business world it requires passion and determination to the extremity to match the level of success and to sustain in a competitive dynamic world like today’s. Life is challenging in every aspect when it comes to establishing in an entirely competitive world. And business world requires a lot. of efforts, skills, hardwork , determination and luck, to move forward on a right path.

Deepak Pathak

Deepak Pathak is a versatile personality, and very keen when it comes to work for his passion. He is one very determinant sort of person and has one very rare quality of not giving up easily no matter how against the condition become. He is a young man from the city of dreams that is Mumbai. Being the only son among three of his sisters was always very pampered and loved. He completed his elementary education from Bangalore itself and completed his graduation from Samyak college, Mumbai in commerce. Belonging to a Middle-class family doesn’t offer him much success in his early career neither it was a smooth for him. But his intellect and his characteristic of not to relinquish lead him although the hard times, and he is now counted among the most successful young entrepreneurs of the world.

Deepak initiated his business career as a business development manager and worked for three years in Goa. But having a different sort of interest and being more creative and enthusiastic for his passion and interest in creativity and designing bent his way towards a disparate way. As a result, he became determinant to establish himself as a businessman who works for his passion solely and to start his own business. Hence, he is decided to gibe it a fresh start, and as a result, he came back to his home town i.e., Mumbai and started working on his own start up company in 2014 named “Rudra Builders and Developers”. At first his passion drove him towards success and his enthusiasm lead him to the success of the company but life is not always a bed of roses, and he faced a lot of hurdles because of which he had to close down his company. But he was a man of courage, passion and strength as he has never learned to look back, and he converted his failure into the kick start of his success by not giving up, and he kept his will power alive.

Now his will power and positive approach were more determined than ever before. He started his own interior designing business with the name “Janlaxmi Design, and Art” in 2017. He tied up with lots of well known vendors of wooden crafts and decors. Apparently his stars started shining once again and his company is running successful currently and are working tirelessly day and night in designing houses, shops, stores, showrooms and company interiors for companies like WIPRO. For Deepak Janalaxmi is not just a company but more of a mission for him. He is working tirelessly to make each and every available space livable, beautiful, and alive. He believes I appreciating and enhancing the power of Arts.

For a bewitching persona like Deepak, phrases like Failure and stepping back doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Thus, it is very reliable for such beguiling personalities to achieve success, and it may come late, but will arrive for sure. We wish him all the gold and glitter in his near future.

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