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Deep Rajput: The emerging singing superstar



Deep Rajput: The emerging singing superstar

Music, my friend can touch your souls from within & can help change perspectives of individuals, just like Rajput does with his songs.

There are tons of people in this world who claim their passion for music & also claim of the training they have been received all through the years to get better with their voice quality & the technicalities of music. However, very few in this competitive business & industry have been able to prove their mettle as a singer & a music artist. After all, not all are born artists with god gifted talent; many of the talents in this world is also what people develop through the years & what eventually they make themselves.

We know of one of the few talents in singing who in the near future is going to break all the records & emerge as an even more successful singer than what he already is. We are talking about Deep Rajput who with his latest release “Do ghoont pila de saathiya” has become a rage in the country featuring artists Pulkit Pandit, Manju, Harshit. This song got uploaded just a few days back & is already breaking many records & becoming the party anthem of 2020. The kind of craze this song has created is unbelievable. It has become a ground-breaking hit especially amongst millennials & many others. The song has reached lakhs of people & has become one of their most favourite numbers of this year.

On YouTube, the song has already crossed more than 3 lakh views & is still growing each day. If you look at the comments section, you will see the kind of love Rajput & his song has been continuously receiving. People are showering the upcoming singing sensation of Bollywood & his songs with so much love & admiration, that it feels unimaginable. People, especially in India, are found to be more emotional towards the music culture of the country as they try & connect themselves with the music they like. Even when it comes peppy numbers like Rajput’s “Do ghoont pila de saathiya” if the music connects with the soul, the singer & the song both become a rage in India. The same has happened with this song & Rajput.

People have even commented on the song saying that they want this song to be a part of a Bollywood film, imagine the kind of adulation Rajput & his song has been receiving & that too in a matter of just a few days.

There is absolutely nothing but the best we wish for Rajput & want his latest release “Do ghoont pila de saathiya” to cross millions & millions of views & garner even more love & appreciation from the audiences so much so that Rajput becomes the next trendsetter in the music industry.

The hit song sung, written & composed by Rajput has been produced by Atul Kishan & directed by Gaurav Aery. It is already a trending song on TikTok even amidst a lockdown. Good news for Rajput’s fans is that the singer is also coming up soon with various other superhit songs to entertain them & bold them over again with his soulful voice.

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