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Call of Duty Mobile season 2 with zombies coming soon



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A big update for Call of Duty fans is around the corner. Here’s what to expect from the next update to the multiplayer game.

Call of Duty: Mobile also confirmed arrival of a new Battle Pass which will come with new gear and loot. There will be some new options to improve the avatar to blend in or stand out from your teammates.

Ahead of the new season, Call of Duty: Mobile has already released a Molotov Cocktail Event. Completing this event will give users some goodies along with a new scorestreak to leverage. There’s also a new Weapon Mastery event to earn the M16 Strained Glass weapon.

Another major update for Call of Duty: Mobile fans is that the controller support might be just around the corner. There will soon be a detailed blog post from Activision to explain what types of controllers are supported in the new update.
According to reports, Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies update will be out as soon as November 22 while the new battle pass will be available on November 25.
Meanwhile, Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 2 patch notes have leaked online. According to the leaked notes, the next update of Call of Duty: Mobile will come with a brand new Shi No Num map. Users will also be able to play Zombies in different modes including Survival and Raid. There’s also a new “mysterious Easter egg” which users can find in the Zombie mode.

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