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Ayesha of Gorakhpur became the High Commissioner of Britain proudly raised the head of the country



Daughters living in small cities and towns of the country also have the desire to achieve a big place, all they need is a chance. Ayesha Khan, who lived in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh got one such opportunity, and she got her talent ironed even in Britain. The British government also saluted Ayesha’s talent and honored her for one day by making her High Commissioner to India. Ayesha is very happy with her achievement. The entire district along with the family is praising Ayesha for her achievement. Since childhood, Ayesha has got this pride in studies by winning the competition organized by the British High Commission for girls aged 18 to 23 on the occasion of International Girl Child Day.

After achieving this achievement, there was an influx of those who greeted Ayesha’s house in Shivpur Shahbazganj, Gorakhpur.Ayesha’s mother told that her daughter has topped in studies. She has a special interest in debate competitions. She finished first in high school in Karmal, Gorakhpur.
Father Junaid Ahmed is manager in bank, sister is dentist

Ayesha’s mother Seema Khan, who became British High Commissioner for a day, is a skilled housewife. While father Junaid Ahmed Khan is a manager in the Jaitpur branch of Purvanchal Bank. At the same time, Grand father Samashul Haq Khan has retired from the post of Inspector in the Department of Commerce at Gorakhpur, the Northeast Railway Headquarters. He has been encouraging Ayesha to study from the beginning. Ayesha’s elder sister Juveria Khan is a dentist. She is currently living in Dubai.

Aysha scored 94% in her High school

After completing high school from Carmel Girls’ School, Ayesha enrolled at St. John’s School, Khorabar for her 11th class. Here she scored 94 percent marks in the intermediate examination. Currently Ayesha is studying journalism living in Delhi. Ayesha’s mother Seema Khan and father Junaid Ahmed want the daughter to become an IAS.

Every year on the occasion of International Girl’s Day, the British High Commission organizes a competition to become a British High Commissioner for girls aged 18 to 23 internationally. Its winner is assigned to the post of High Commissioner throughout the day in the High Commission and all the work is entrusted. Ayesha also got a chance to become High Commissioner for a day on 4 October. During this, she held meetings inside the High Commission as well as participated in some outdoor functions. Ayesha, who is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism, wants to make her mark in the field of teaching or law.

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