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Asim -Siddharth’s cold war turns into a physical fight.



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When it comes to Bigg Boss then the recent fight between Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla has created a tense atmosphere.

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 13 Sidharth and Asim hug each other and patch-up. The two longtime friends had turned enemies after Asim did not perform well in a task. Fight between Asim and Shukla exploded when Asim gave up in the Teen Rakshash task. Sidharth showed his dissatisfaction with Asim for giving up so handily in captaincy tasks.

On the other hand, Asim blamed Sidharth for not supporting him in the task and for vacating Vishal’s tunnel completely empty. Later, when Asim was giving advice to Sidharth over hair. Sidharth took off to notify Asim that if they are speaking so much nonetheless, why doesn’t Asim give him a hug and sort it out. So, the two best friends embrace each other in a warm hug.

Reason they both get into physical fight.

Like any other story, this also takes a twist. The fight between Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla, as shown in the promo for November 19 will say contrarily. Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla will have an awful feud that gets physical. In an upcoming task, titled “Shehnaz ka Swayamwar”, a few of the bachelors in the house will have to impress princess Shehnaz. All the housemates get prepared for a fun time, with Paras Chhabra getting a chance to charm Shehnaz.

Was that Siddharth’s call for fight?

Sidharth is also one of the contenders. Stuff takes a terrible fling when Shehnaz tells Sidharth to get her fruits. Subsequent her orders, Sidharth goes to the kitchen and brings the fruit that Asim doesn’t like it.

The fight got intense.

As Asim dislikes Shehnaz, he tells Sidharth not to head him around. They begin nudging each other and get into physical fight. Shehnaz and others come rushing to prevent their fight.
It could be seen Sidharth telling that Asim never did anything without inquiring him and is now tossing attitude. And Asim can be seen saying that Sidharth fights with women on purpose and calls him a ‘loser’. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Sidharth and Asim had hugged each other, and they were back to being friends. But still, this fight made us think about the coming days because it questions their brotherhood!.

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