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Amod Mardolkar – An emerging musical talent from Goa




Amod Mardolkar

Amod Mardolkar is an Actor, Director and Producer. A former body builder, Amod has bagged the “Mr Goa” title two years in a row. Adding another feather to his hat, he is becoming a musical sensation on Youtube, creating soulful music and even composing the lyrics himself.
He is producing several Konkani songs, and also songs in different languages like Marathi, Hindi, English and also Sanskrit.
The channel is becoming popular among the youth on YouTube and his recent song Mog Mazo has crossed 10 Lakh views in just 10 days.
We recently saw an interview of Mr. Amod Mardolkar, on a local media, asking him about his creations and his influences on music. Here’s the low down on his musical jouney –

How did the musical journey begin ?
It all started with me penning down the lyrics of songs for my films. The music in my films is an extension of my creative themes that feature in them, and so I started writing the lyrics. Before i knew it, I was creating the music as well and I was enjoying the process, so it all began.

Who are your musical influnces/ inspiration ?
I take inspiration not from just one artist, I believe that music is all around us! You just need to have the right mind to find and admire the sounds around you. But to name a few artists whose songs never go out of my playlist, It’ll be Thomas Holkenborg, Freddie Mercury, MJ , A. R. Rahman, Eminem. All of them, true legends!

How does Goan culture influence your music?
Goa is home to a vast variety of tourists. So many different people come here, with their different cultural backgrounds. One thing I believe about music is that it transcends boundaries, and really connects people. I like to think of my music as art without any “boundaries” which have been imposed by society. I bring in my extreme thoghts into my music and lyrics and hope that it inspires my audience.

What is your creative process like ?
It’s always different. Sometimes we start with the lyrics. Sometimes we start with music. It all depends.

Where do you see your music career in the next 5 years?
I see my music helping so many people. I want to create music that makes people forget their worries and remain positive.

What is your message to other budding music artists?
I would say that you need to be consistent and focus solely on creating the best end product. Enjoy the process and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – you have to find your motivation to keep at it and you will definitely find success.

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