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युक्ति युक्तं प्रगृह्णीयात् बालादपि विचक्षणः।

रवेरविषयं वस्तु किं न दीपः प्रकाशयेत्॥

This shloka in English means the wise should learn to accept wisdom from anybody, even from a child. Doesn’t the small night lamp light up things that the sun can not? A life where we all are stressed, where we all are suffering from something continuously happiness is a kind of hope to many of us. Happiness is just like that small night lamp to us which provides a new life to us when we are stressed.

Born in Delhi and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, RJ Mahvash is the first female Prankster of India whose prank videos are reaching out to millions of hearts these days. Being happy or being stress-free is tough for many of and in all between with this carrying happiness is a big task, Isn’t it? But what if you are a Prankster? Don’t you think such a big thing it is to be? Can you just make people happy for one day? Oh seems like a big task. Isn’t it? Yes, it is but for 24 years, the prankster is it be easy to do that?

RJ Mahvash has achieved many things in her life. She is a writer, RJ, and all in one. Her hobbies are Photography, Writing, Making Videos, Travelling. Her favorite stars are Sushant Singh Rajput, Cristiano, Ronaldo, and Dhoni. When asked for her strengths she said her strength is in 3F’s. Friends, Family, and Fans. These people matter a lot in her life as they give her confidence in every step of her life.

Mahvash dreams to travel the entire world and there lies her real happiness. She has always taken a stand for a crime against women. Every time she had raised her voice without caring about the norms and all. When it came to raising voice we generally think of many things but she didn’t. She is the real star of real life. She has come into the spotlight when Deepak Kalal has passed some sexist remarks against women.  She has thrown him out without caring about her job. In no time the video gets viral all over the internet and reaches many people on various social media platforms.

A message from her is “Don’t be afraid to try something new because people who troll you don’t have their existence. So help them and let them feel powerful from your existence”.

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