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Aditya Gharat has become the New Mumbai based Model





The world of modelling has always been one to break the streotypes first. From dark complexions models like Naomi Campbell making a name for themselves to women with vitilo disease ruling the ramp, the modelling industry has always been a step ahead in the world.And it has done it once again.

A 23 year old Aditya Gharat has become the first male model to be casted in some upcoming chart breaking music videos the myth that the modelling world is not for people like him. His brooding eyes, chisseled jaw line, great height and dashing looks are all the pre-requsites that one needs to be a model. Aditya also has a nag for photography and golf.

The New Mumbai based model is also a hard core fitness enthusiast and he keeps uploading his interactive videos on his account. Aditya who wants to work in Bollywood for Many Big Names has already become quite famous with some well-know high profile people in India.

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